About us


To provide a dedicated shopping portal to women where everything is related to fashion and everything is available under one roof.


We are one of the few online portals which are solely fashion based and dedicated only to women. We want to become number One in the market and for that, we have to stay ahead of the curve.


Imagine a world of Fashion, where there are no geographical boundaries and no limitations on what you buy and how much you buy, it seems like a dream doesn’t it? Konpals turn that dream into reality. Konpals is an online shopping portal dedicated only to fashion, our focus here is to bring Pakistani brands close to the expatriates that live abroad. At Konpals, we believe there is a better way to offer the shopping experience to our customers, so instead of having them go astray, our shopping portal directs them in the right direction and not only that, but our unique and multiple features make shopping easier and more fun. Our customers consist of determined female shoppers who love to have everything under one shopping portal. At Konpals we believe that every customer embarks on a different shopping journey and we are excited to start this journey with you, learn about you, and give you an experience that’s unique and worth your while, together.