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Gul-E-Daodi Winter 2019

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Konpals Gul E Daodi Collection

GED01 Embroidered Body Fitted Velvet Shirt In Black Color

Ready to wear stylish black body fitted shirt with a unique blend of silk, velvet and net. The front body is of silk and is embellished with cut dana and resham hand embroidery. The shirt overall look has been completed by adding one sided foot length net panel that has been stylized with patchwork of beautiful silk motifs. The sleeves are also stylized with a side cut.
Rs. 8,215 Rs. 7,440

GED02 Printed Thick Silk Umbrella Frock In Dark Blue Color

Ready to wear two-piece dark blue thick silk umbrella frock accompanied with a unique cut blue printed thick silk overall. The frock has been stylized by double sleeves with a round cuff.
Rs. 5,270 Rs. 4,805

GED03 Printed Woolen High Low Dress In Light Grey Color

Ready to wear warm woolen light grey top in the high low style. The front is short and the back is long in umbrella cut. The dress is completed with pockets.
Rs. 4,030 Rs. 3,565

GED04 Embroidered Thick Silk Pleated Shirt In Dark Grey Color

Ready to wear gorgeous dark grey thick silk heavily front pleated shirt with a side cut. Its beauty is enhanced by a full machine embroidered sleeves.
Rs. 10,075 Rs. 9,145

GED05 Velvet Body Fitted Unique Cut Top In Royal Blue Color

Ready to wear royal blue body fitted velvet top with a long back and attractive unique cut on the front that completes the whole look.
Rs. 5,115 Rs. 4,650

GED06 Embroidered 3 Piece Raw Silk Dress In Silver Color

Ready to wear silver three piece raw silk Overall and trouser. The overall’s beauty has been enhanced by hand embroidered motifs on both shoulders. The raw silk overall and trouser are worn with a silk simple top in the same color.
Rs. 7,905 Rs. 6,975

GED07 Embroidered 2 Piece Velvet Frock In Light Pink Color

Ready to wear light pink with gold flecks velvet frock with matching trouser. The frock overall look has been completed by adding hand embroidered bead work on the sleeves. Same color masuri has been used in the shirt's yolk as well as in the sleeves.
Rs. 11,625 Rs. 10,540

GED08 Heavily Embroidered Velvet Cape In Grey Color

Ready to wear heavily embroidered grey velvet free size cape with a unique collar design. Its beauty is enhanced by hand and machine embroidered front and back.
Rs. 11,315 Rs. 10,230

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